High security oak insulated front door
10th March 2016
Oak security front door, Netherwhitton
18th March 2016

The Story of a Door


Fran lays out the door components that he has machined up ready for assembly. This takes place in our 'hand shop'.


Traditional tenons and mortices are used to join the components. Here Fran slots the mid rail onto the central stile. The door panels on either side are 'floating' as glue is not used to hold them in place. This allows them to more over the seasons as the timber expands and contracts.


Rhys helps Fran locate the last piece of the jigsaw, the stile. With this glued in place all components are secure. This door will have glass panels added which happens once the door has been glued, sanded and oiled.


Rhys and Fran use large clamps to hold the door components in place as the glue dries, normally overnight. It's important to make sure the door is totally flat at this stage and the clamps allow some fine adjustment.

Ash-door-making-of-05The final stage is 'checking the diagonals'. The distance from each corner should be exactly the same, telling you that the door is perfectly square. If it's not, the clamps can be adjusted to bring it back into square.


The finished door. Click here to see more of this project.


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