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31st March 2016
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18th June 2016

Story of a Window

"Our customers typically want to upgrade existing sliding sash windows in their Victorian homes, often moving from single to high spec double glazing that is extremely well weather sealed, fully painted and makes use of the most modern glass coatings that reduce emissions and heat loss. They often come to us because they have particular requirements such as listed buildings or they need to perfectly match other windows in their home".


An old sliding sash window that is well beyond its best and due an upgrade


Fran working on a new sliding sash window, complete with weather tight seals and double glazing


Weighing the sash so we know which weights to use for counter balance


Ben carefully removes and old sash


Mark fits a new window, complete with box and sashes


A brand new, warm, efficient and smart sliding sash window

Upgrading and replacing traditional sliding sash windows is a key component of the projects undertaken at Langley Furniture Works. If you drop in to visit the workshop the chances are there will be a window or two in various states of construction on the workbench.

Generally speaking there are three options available:

1: Upgrading the existing single glazed windows, fitting better seals around the glass and refurbishing the mechanisms so that the windows open and close more effectively.

2: Replacing existing single glazed sashes with custom built high spec double glazed sashes. The box frame stays in place and only the windows are removed and re-installed making use of the existing opening mechanisms.

3: Replacing the whole window unit, taking out the sashes and box frame and installing custom built new units. All mechanisms including weights or springs are new and calibrated for the sash windows.

"We make our windows from scratch here at the workshop, most often from sapele a FSC certified west African hardwood that stands up well to the elements and provides a good painted finish. The timber boards are cut, dressed, machined, moulded, morticed, tennoned, pegged, sanded, and sprayed 4 times with top spec joinery finish in any colour required. The Victorians did a great job of designing their windows to keep the elements out and we essentially follow that principle, almost every bead, angle and joint is designed to allow water to run down and away from the window. They knew how to make a great product but we move with the times and where possible use springs rather than lead weights for the opening and closing mechanisms as they are more cost effective and durable."

Windows take approximately 2 months to complete and come with a 40 year guarantee for hardwood and 10 year for treated softwood. The double glazed units come with a manufacturers guarantee of 5 years.

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